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Threat Detection Platform

The world of cyber security is full of products and tools, but breaches continue, and have become increasingly intrusive and dangerous. In today’s world, hackers are getting more aggressive in damaging brand values, achieving financial gains and even getting access to countries’ confidential information to change the outcome of obvious trends or confidential information.

The product and security methodologies provide some relief, such as categorizing or “bucketing,” or providing some measure of prioritization. The team working 24x7 can respond to alerts in a triage or by consulting Subject Matter Experts, but the “fear” of missing the critical alert/event slows the process down.

AvionX believes that we can improve the efficiency of human security analysts by utilizing advanced machine learning techniques, which we call deep learning. As we know, Cyber Data analysts are overwhelmed by the number of alerts especially while most alerts are common and a nuisance. Adware, for example, has little significance. Still, these alerts must be processed to highlight known and evolving common threat vectors. AvionX provides high priority incidents by filtering all noise and enabling human analysts to focus on more interesting and complex cyber issues. This way AvionX accelerates and highlights potential Zero-day events through machine learning techniques and share “lessons learned” as predictive analytics to prevent future attacks.