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Company Information

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

The first and foremost mission of AvionX is to help Enterprise SOCs to respond to threats by reducing noise from their security products in their existing environments and analyzing the incidents which matter the most in a timely fashion. We at AvionX believe that we can significantly reduce the risks of cyber attacks, and protect customers from cyber-criminals who are trying to exploit infrastructure vulnerabilities, and are capable of weaponizing malware, botnets etc. to formulate targeted attacks. In spite of the presence of many security products in the enterprise, the challenge still remains for the customer to ensure that their data and infrastructure is secured to avoid any data breaches.

AvionX believes that cyber attacks can be minimized by bringing products, big data analytics and cyber professionals together to solve this complex problem.

AvionX is all set to arm cyber data analysts with deep learning algorithms and qualified cyber professionals to help them with the overwhelming number of alerts that are received from the various security appliances. As we all know, most alerts are common and a nuisance. Adware, for example, has little significance, but these types of alerts must also be processed amongst other real dangerous malware and spyware.

AvionX uses a threat detection platform to solve this complex problem to provide contextual meaningful information for responding to alerts to the subject matter experts to identify incidents.

The goal of AvionX is to

Improve the efficiency of human security analyst by utilizing advanced Machine Learning techniques

Highlight known and evolving common threat vectors

Enable human analysts to focus on more interesting and complex cyber threats and targeted attacks which are difficult to analyze and remediate.

Accelerate and highlight potential zero-day threats through deep learning techniques and achieve predictive analytics

AvionX is championing to help enterprise customers keep themselves safe and secure

Workload Migration to Public Cloud

AvionX is driven to help the enterprises transform their Datacenters and applications to be cloud-enabled and provide application-based optimization for cost efficiency. Our customers should be able to move their workload without compromising Security, Compliance and Policy Postures to improve their business agility. The industry's best-in-class professionals at AvionX are laser-focused on Cloud and Cybersecurity solutions.

The Cloud team has deep expertise in securing workload and applications in multi-cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, and Oracle) environment. The team has helped many clients transform their legacy data center into the emerging Hybrid Cloud Platforms. Most of the projects involve cutting-edge technologies such as Kubernetes, Terraform, Cloud Formation, cloud tools, and dynamic load balancing for auto-scaling.

The Cybersecurity team has deep expertise in NextGen endpoint, Network (IPS, FW, NGFW, Zero-Day Malware detection) and Content (Web, DLP and Web SaaS) security.